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Our Home Transitional

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Organizations Supporting Our Home Transitional

These organizations are proud supporters of Our Home Transitional,  and are working with us to touch the lives of our homeless veterans! 

Do you support Our Home Transitional? Send us short paragraph about why you support us, and we'll gladly post your testamonial up for all to see! Thank you for helping us support our female veterans!
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The Single Veteran Mothers Assistance Program 

(SV-MAP Program)

The Single Veteran Mothers Assistance Program (SV-MAP Program) is a two year self-empowerment program for single veteran mothers with dependents.  

The SV-MAP’s primary drive is to house single veteran mothers with dependents. 

The SV-MAP in Genesee County will work to accomplish several objectives including but not limited to ensuring that extensive support services are available for women with children returning from service in American Armed Forces.

Our Home Transitional is also proudly supported by Michigan's 36th District Court and Judge Leonia Lloyd, the presiding Judge of Drug and Veteran's Treatment Court!

"The University of Michigan - Flint Chapter of Golden Key decided to support Our Home Transitional because it had a specific purpose with a broad impact and we really wanted to show that we support our members. It was important to us to demonstrate that Golden Key could be a supportive family to its members while helping our female veterans (specific purpose) and in turn improving the community (broad impact) which surrounds us. The domino effect Our Home Transitional could have on the individual, the city and surrounding areas is just spectacular!"

Mindy Brisbane, Golden Key International Honour Society Co-Advisor, U of M Flint Chapter
Golden Key Facebook

"In January 2012, UM-Flint student Carrie Miller presented her idea called “Our Home” to the University Outreach Innovation Incubator. She spoke from the heart about her dream of helping homeless female veterans. It is through her strong, steady heartbeat that she is seeing her dream come true to help veterans, especially females and their families, transition from military to civilian life.  Our Home is an Associate Business of the Innovation Incubator, which facilitates opportunities for university and community members to innovate, create, and grow successful organizations to initiate economic and social progress resulting in well-being of the community.  The Innovation Incubator is proud of Carrie Miller and pleased to have played  a role in assisting her remarkable achievement."

Sherry Hayden, University of Michigan - Flint University Outreach
"VetQuest is proud to be a supporter of Our Home Transitional.  We see the hard work, dedication, and the blood, sweat, and tears Carrie and the OHT team give for America's female veterans, and providing our services since OHT's beginnings have been our pleasure.  We look forward to a long and continued relationship of providing assistance as a valuable resource for the veterans and families in need served by OHT."

Carrie Malloch
"Genesee Regional Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs (GRACE) has had the privilege of watching Carrie grow her idea into what has become Our Home Transitional (OHT).  Carrie was invited to pitch her idea at a GRACE YouPitch event at Kettering University.  It was at this event that Carrie was able to utilize the GRACE network to connect with the Kettering Entrepreneur Society (KES) and later receive seed funding from KES.  GRACE is excited about the progress that Carrie and OHT have made so far.  We are happy to see college entrepreneurs utilizing the GRACE network to connect, collaborate and accomplish their goals."

Nicholas Pohl, Executive Director, Genesee Regional Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs
"HONOR THE SACRIFICE supports Our Home Transitional as their mission clearly supports our American heroes who have given so much for so many, that we may all enjoy our precious American freedoms. HTS also works to support our homeless veterans and will stand with OHT until the words "homeless" and "veteran" never again need to be used together in the same sentence!"

Drew Deaton, President & CEO of Honor The Sacrifice

"Our home, our country, our veterans… the least we can give is our support to those who have given their lives to sustain our freedom.  helpaholic consulting is honored to support Our Home."

Jessica Brandt, Owner of Helpaholic Consulting

"We support Our Home because their desire to reach female veterans is similiar to our mission for two of our military programs, our wounded warrior and Adopt a Soldier programs where we help military families both in the states and overseas with a variety of needs. What Our Home is doing for our military women is amazing and we want to be a part of it by working together to serve our military population!"

Michelle Humphries, Director of Arms Outstretched Ministry

"Kettering Entrepreneur Society (KES) is proud to support Our Home Transitional. KES first became aware of this venture when Carrie Miller presented the idea at a pitch contest held at Kettering. As a part of KES outreach to all Flint collegiate innovators and entrepreneurs, we invited Carrie to become a member of KES and continue growing and shaping her idea with the help of KES peer-to-peer network of college students. As a result, Carrie expanded her timely idea of helping the returning female veterans into a non-profit venture that can have a meaningful impact on Flint's economy by preparing and placing female veterans and their valuable skills back into the local workforce. KES is proud to have provided OHT with seed funding to enable Carrie to register and promote the non-profit business."

Dr. Massoud S. Tavakoli

"I support OHT because although all veterans face challenges during reintegration into the civilian world, women veterans face a distinct set of obstacles.  OHT provides that unique support in a concrete and tangible way.  We can affect positive change in the female veteran community TOGETHER!"

Sarah Plummer, Author, Speaker, and Coach with Semper Sarah

"As an artist with a background in both interior design and Women's Studies, I look for opportunities to combine both interests. Partnering with Our Transitional Home gives me the opportunity to do just that. I wholly support Our Home Transitional in their work in helping women who have served our country get back on their feet so that they may live the best life they can possibly live. It is my privilege to help these women."

Rene Gibson, Artist

" is proud to support the great works that OHT is doing in Flint, Michigan and around the world by giving our female vets the second chance they deserve!  Thank you Our Home Transitional for all that you do!"

Eric Dejaager, Founder of Military Home Store

"CollegiateZone is excited to support OHT's dream of becoming a reality.  We support Carrie and her team through VetQuest, a service we provide free of charge to OHT families as they transition from the military back into college or the workforce.  We hope to help make their dreams reality as well!  We also provide Carrie with free marketing and fund-raising support through studioCZ, our micro-site production and marketing system."

Carrie Malloch, Director of Research and Certification with Collegiate Zone
"WomenAREStrong supports organizations that focus their efforts on empowering women through their mission and efforts.  OHT Is an amazing mission to support and encourage an imperative demographic of our country's security…..our female veterans in their time of need."

Crystal Wells, Founder of Women Are Strong
"Kettering University's TechWorks program supports the worthy objectives and passion of the OHT team.  Helping to provide shelter and support to brave women veterans should be a priority for all of us -- Our Home Transitional empowers the entire community to do just that.  TechWorks was pleased to help train the OHT team on entrepreneurship fundamentals useful in planning a sustainable community venture.  We are deeply impressed by the commitment demonstrated by its leadership and urge our Flint area citizens and institutions to help make this noble initiative a reality as soon as possible."

Neil Sheridan, Director of Kettering University TechWorks

“Point Man International Ministries - Michigan had a meeting with Carrie Miller in Flint recently where she passionately provided her vision for reaching out to and providing a resource for homeless female veterans and their families. Her motivation and drive in creating this needed resource has prompted us to come along side, agreeing to be a source of prayer and physical support, resource development and providing them with the experience that we can provide from both a military and civilian perspective. Carrie and her team are providing a footprint for homeless female veterans in Flint, as well as surrounding areas, and giving those in need a lifeline to reach out to. We are honored to stand by Carrie and her Our Home Transitional team in their endeavors.”

Tony L Lamson - State Coordinator, Point Man International Ministries - Michigan

Homes of Hope Foundation supports Our Home's mission to provide homeless or at risk homeless veterans the necessary resources to connect with their community to live a normal lifestyle. We salute you all. The connection between HOH & OHT is that many of our homeless and displaced youth have had parents in the military. In the near future we hope to work with Carrie in expanding for our veterans on the West Coast.
Elyse Jones, Founder Homes of Hope Foundation

The Genesee Regional PTAC staff are trained contracting specialists that will help your company obtain the most current and relevant information available as it relates to local, state, and federal government contracting. The Genesee Regional PTAC serves Genesee and Shiawassee counties assisting companies with insight into the research process and coach you in the use of information obtained. Their services are no cost to you.

PTAC Genesee Regional

I am very excited to be associated with To further your Veteran's transition, two other women owned companies and mine, that need piece work sewn, will be training your residents to manufacture our products for us on your tenant's time frames. We want to help too and will get you sewing machines and materials so they can do the work and get a hand up, not just a hand out. In the Groove does sell to VAMC's and are proud to hire Veterans or their family members. As you know, women are more likely to get knee problems due to their Q angle or the way they are built. In the Groove is helping gymnasts, athletes, seniors, post polio victims, stroke victims and those with knee pain, walk with less pain and delay surgery with this American made and patented knee retrainer.


Life On Point Consultants supports the efforts of Our Home Transitional (OHT) as they begin the process of providing critical support to our female veteran community for their support in serving our country. We support the efforts of OHT and are committed to a long lasting partnership that provides a safe and welcoming environment for female veterans. As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned organization,  Life On Point Consultants understands the necessity of an environment where all veterans can continue their transition and the associated healing process necessary after giving everything in the service of their country. 

Life On Point Consultants

Why and how we support OHT.

Our veterans signed a blank check, up to and including their lives, payable to the United States of America when they joined the armed forces, and they deserve to have access to the services they need.

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