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Veterans Day

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There will be an exciting event happening on veterans day! Stay tuned!


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Genesee Co Veterans Stand Down

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Women Over 40

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Flint female veterans waiting to come home

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Carrie Miller’s life work and passion started with a click.


One night when, as a new student at the University of Michigan-Flint, Carrie was browsing the university website and saw an icon. The icon said, “Do you have a business idea?”

Time to Purchase the Home!

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With the draw down of previous conflicts, over 2 million veterans are set to return to the United States this year alone.


Sadly, when people think of veterans, most of society’s attention is devoted to men returning from the battlefield. However, the

reality is that many of these returning heroes are women. Moreover, they are our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters.


Many female veterans returning from the military face a complicated transition back into civilian life. Women are among the strongest individuals in our society and it is because of that fierce independence they are the least likely to ask for help. Tragically, the number of homeless women veterans has doubled from 2006 to 2010. These statistics do not paint the full picture; insofar, most never report that they are homeless or a veteran. Women such as these are presented not only with harrowing circumstances but with few resources in which to meet the challenges of daily life. Complicating matters further, the state of Michigan lacks sufficient transitional centers for female veterans.

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Help our homeless female veterans

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Please click here to donate to our Crowdfunding site to help us raise funds for our services.  Due to sequestration cuts, new vet orgs are not elibible for fed funds or govt grants.  So we are doing what we can to fund raise.  If we raise the most $ on this campaign we will win up to 250k! So please donate as little as $20 and share with your networks.  Our homeless single female veterans with and without kids need your help!  Blessings

Channel 12 News Story on OHT

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Our Trip to Washington DC!

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The National League of Female Veterans Benefit Dinner

July 26, 2013 6pm to 10pm

Washington DC

About the Beneficiaries

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